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EstroEx 15-Week Pyarmid Cycle

EstroEx™ 15-Week Pyramid Cycle

Improve Results & SAVE MONEY
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EstroEx™ 15-Week Pyramid Cycle Improve Results & SAVE MONEY
Here's what's included:

• 4 bottles of EstroEx™ -- 240 capsules/500mg per capsule (each bottle has 60 capsules)

These 4 bottles will give you enough EstroEx™ to complete the EstroEx™ 15-Week Pyramid Cycle.

Here is how to take the EstroEx™ 15-Week Pyramid Cycle.

Week# EstroEx™
1 1 capsule/per day
2 1 capsule/per day
3 2 capsules/per day
4 2 capsules/per day
5 3 capsules/per day
6 3 capsules/per day
7 3 capsules/per day
8 4 capsules/per day
9 3 capsules/per day
10 3 capsules/per day
11 3 capsules/per day
12 2 capsules/per day
13 2 capsules/per day
14 1 capsule/per day
15 1 capsule/per day
After 4 weeks "off" back to week #1

Note: Take one capsule at night with your last meal. On days you take more than one capsule -- spread the dosages out across the day as much as possible.

The Power Of The Pyramid!

The reason our 15-Week Pyramid Cycle is far superior to taking simply one capsule daily has to do with the concept of receptor downgrade. Many drugs and supplements, including EstroEx™ are susceptible to receptor downgrade. What this means is initially the drug or supplement you are taking works great. You feel the absolute maximum impact of the compound because your body has never been introduced to it before. But over time, your body gets used to the compound and you have to take more and more of it to get the same great results you did initially.

Eventually, it doesn't matter how much of the compound you take -- it simply won't work anymore. This is where many of the potential negative health side effects can occur from taking such compounds as steroids or prohormones. Users increase the dosages because they want to keep getting results, but all they are really doing is potentially hurting themselves and wasting their money.

This is where our 15-Week Pyramid Cycle comes in. With this cycle, you gradually increase the dosage over time, and slowly reach the maximum amount you can take while still getting benefits but without potential side effects. Then, you gradually decrease the dosage, bringing your body back to a normal state of homeostasis. By doing this, you can maximize results and limit potential side effects!

Plus, by decreasing the dosage on the way down you are setting yourself up to take the 15-Week Cycle again, after a 4-week break or off period, to get the same maximum results you did with the last cycle!

Don't get me wrong -- you can still get great results with EstroEx™ simply by taking one capsule daily. In other words, I am not telling you about the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle just to get you to buy more. (If you do only take one capsule daily, take it at night, before bedtime.) But, if you want to absolutely maximize the potential for dramatic strength and muscle increases with EstroEx™, THE 15-WEEK PYRAMID CYCLE IS DEFINITELY THE WAY TO GO!

So, if you are trying EstroEx™ for the first time, or if you have already taken EstroEx™ with great results, but not in the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle and you are ready to take your strength and muscle gains to the next level -- THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

This is one great cycle, all laid out for you, plus, for a limited time, you will get $29.00 off our already low sale price! It takes four bottles of EstroEx™ to complete the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle outlined above. If you bought four individual bottles, the retail price of four bottles would be $239.96 and our already very low sale price would be $179.96, but, for a limited time, if you buy this 15-Week Pyramid Cycle right now, you get $29.00 off the already low sale price and only pay $150.96 for the entire 15-Week Pyramid Cycle!

If you really want to take your muscle and strength building efforts to the next level, take Joel's favorite muscle-building stack, which includes EstroEx™, in THE 15-WEEK SWARD STACK!

Everything is laid out for you, but you are the one who has to get things started. The time to act is now! Stop dreaming about the person you want to be and start being it. Take the first step -- ACT NOW!

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