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Anti-Estrogen/Aromatase Inhibitor

EstroEx™ Conquers Estrogen

Bodybuilders and strength athletes are well aware that the female hormone estrogen can seriously harm their attempts to build muscle and strength. Estrogen MUST be kept under control or some pretty undesirable conditions may arise in the body.

The Problems With Estrogen

Higher than normal estrogen levels can lead to several physiological problems. Higher than normal estrogen levels can cause a condition called gynecomastia (gyno). Gyno is the growth of hard nodular breast tissue under the nipple. This condition can greatly diminish the cosmetic appearance of pectoral muscles. Bottom line -- you DON'T want gyno!

High estrogen can also cause excessive sodium and water retention. This will result in a bloated, puffy appearance in your muscles. Steroids and or prohormones that aromatize heavily are particularly notorious for causing water retention. All of this can be avoided by lowering estrogen levels.

Probably the worst side effect of higher than normal estrogen levels occurs when the excess estrogen sends a signal to the hypothalamus to shut down production of GnRH, a hormone that stimulates the pituitary to produce luteinizing hormone When luteinizing hormone is shut down a signal is sent to the testicles to stop production of testosterone levels and perhaps even atrophies your testes. Obviously it is desirable to avoid this condition.

Estrogen Control

There are many compounds available that can control estrogen levels. The drugs tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and clomiphene (Clomid) have been used for years by steroid users. While these drugs are somewhat effective in keeping estrogen levels in check, they can result in a reduction of IGF-1 production and an increase in sex hormone binding globulin production. These are both undesirable side effects.

Then there are aromatase inhibitors. Drugs like Anastrazole work by blocking the production of estrogens in the body by binding to the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase inhibitors are more desirable then estrogen receptor blockers like tamoxifen and clomiphene because they function as true anti-estrogens and do not share the undesirable estrogen agonist activity mentioned above.


Is there an all natural, legal aromatase inhibitor? The answer is YES and its name is EstroEx™. EstroEx™ binds to the aromatase enzyme and renders it inactive. This diminishes aromatase enzyme activity in the body and results in a substantial reduction in estrogen levels. The added bonus of an increase in testosterone production also occurs.

It is important to note that when you stop taking EstroEx™ your aromatase enzyme level will return to normal and you will get back to full estrogen production.

Why You Should Use EstroEx™

There are three cases where EstroEx™ should be used.

The first case is while taking prohormones or steroids. By taking EstroEx™ during your prohormone/steroid cycles you will avoid the problems of gynecomastia, excess water retention and the shut down of GnRH production.

The second case is after a cycle of prohormones or steroids. By taking EstroEx™ after your prohormone/steroid cycle you will jump-start testicular testosterone production.

The third case is anytime you want substantial and beneficial increase in natural testosterone production, even if you are not taking prohormones or steroids. EstroEx™ is a very safe and effective alternative to prohormones and steroids.

BOTTOM LINE -- EstroEx™ Conquers Estrogen and you definitely want to take it!

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Bottle: 60

Active Ingredients: Calcium D-Glucarate 100mg; Diindolymethane 100mg; 5.7 dihydroxyflavone 200mg.

Inactive Ingredients: magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, gelatin, titanium dioxide.

Formulated and distributed by, LLC Wakefield, RI 02879 USA -- Lot # PB0057914. Best If Used By Date: 09/2017. UPC Bar Code # 094922965646.

Disclaimer: The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule at night with your last meal or to limit receptor downgrade and to absolutely maximize results, use our EstroEx™ -- 15-WEEK PYRAMID CYCLE.

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EstroEx Anti-Estrogen/Aromatase Inhibitor
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