DHEA Is Back - New Look, Better Product

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce to you, our loyal HouseOfMuscle.com customers, that House Of Muscle DHEA is back in stock!

We sincerely apologize for the delay with restocking this item, but as evidenced by the fact that we temporarily sold out, you guys really love this product! We agree -- House Of Muscle DHEA is the most effective DHEA supplement on the market!

DHEA levels drop throughout the course of your life. Because DHEA levels decrease with age, people nearing and above middle age can benefit tremendously from DHEA supplementation.

Supplementation with House Of Muscle DHEA can help maintain proper DHEA levels in both men and women and can aid a person in his or her overall well being.

House Of Muscle DHEA boasts 300mg per serving of pure, 100% DHEA. This 300mg serving is one of the highest, if not the highest, amount on the market and is necessary to get the maximum benefit.

Studies have shown that supplementing with at least 300mg of high quality DHEA, just like the amount of DHEA in one serving of House Of Muscle DHEA, produces the best results possible. Some of these amazing benefits are:

• Losing excess weight & burning fat
• Increasing sex drive
• Building lean muscle mass
• Increasing sense of overall well being
• Improving your overall health
These benefits can be experienced by both men and women, since women derive 75% of their estrogen from the DHEA hormone, and men derive 50% of their testosterone from it!

You'll notice from the picture above, we have redesigned and improved the labeling of House Of Muscle DHEA. In addition to that, we have stepped up House Of Muscle DHEA even further! Many of you asked, and we have answered -- House Of Muscle DHEA now comes in 100% vegetarian safe capsules called Vcaps®. This superior capsule delivery system will maximize absorption of DHEA and also comply with any vegetarian or vegan lifestyle choices.

Well there you have it, House Of Muscle DHEA is a great supplement choice to improve your quality of life. We want to thank all of you, IN THE HOUSE, for your continued support of HouseOfMuscle.com!

House Of Muscle DHEA is back in stock and the time to order is now!


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Joel Sward
Founder Of HouseOfMuscle.com