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  • One More Set . . .
    One More Set . . .

    by Joel Sward It was a hot and humid July day in 1987. I had just graduated from high school and soon would head off to the University of North Da...

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  • You Will Never Lift A Heavy Weight Again
    You Will Never Lift A Heavy Weight Again

    by Joel Sward On July 6, 2004 I injured my back during training. The injury was bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, who I normally avoid...

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  • There Is No Tomorrow
    There Is No Tomorrow

    I was looking through one of the major muscle magazines the other day and I came across an article that really sparked my attention. The basic summ...

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  • I Am Now
    I Am Now

    by Joel Sward I truly hope that all of you are working out and eating right to achieve your individual fitness goals. I also hope that you are a...

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