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  • Joel Sward - 800lb Deadlift
    Joel Sward - 800lb Deadlift

    In 2004 I competed in The Snowman Strength Challenge in Urbana, IL. There where 5 events, but the highlight of my day was when I tied for 1st place in...

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  • Front Squats - Keep Grinding!
    Front Squats - Keep Grinding!

    I think Front Squats are one of the toughest lifts. It takes a lot of effort to keep your body upright and stabilize the weight. But, maybe, the tough...

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  • Overhead Press Improvisation
    Overhead Press Improvisation

    What do you do when your ceiling is not high enough to do overhead press with regular barbells? You improvise. Age 51 and still Train Hard!...

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  • 1990 Shot Put Training
    1990 Shot Put Training

    This is a practice session about a month before the 1991 season started. I was a junior in college. I had worked really hard in the off season after m...

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