Got Whey?

I believe, hands down, the best nutritional supplement on the planet is whey protein. Notice I said the best nutritional supplement, not just the best sports nutrition supplement. That is because whey protein is an invaluable supplement to anyone, whether you are the current Mr. Olympia or my 86-year-old grandma (I actually have my grandma taking whey protein). Whey protein will benefit you tremendously and you should be taking it.

Protein is the building block of the entire body. Muscles, tissues (organ and skeletal), hair, nails, etc. are all made up of protein. Your body cannot build or maintain itself if sufficient protein is not available.

Experts estimate that the ideal daily protein intake for active adults is about .9 grams per pound of bodyweight. If your goal is adding muscle and you are working out intensely, the rule of thumb for protein intake is at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight up to about 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight each and every day.

By making sure your system has the protein and amino acids it needs, you can speed recovery, build new muscle, reduce workout related injuries and maintain healthy tissues.

You might be saying, I already eat protein. Well I am sure you do, but are you getting enough protein on a daily basis? (Try adding it up and you may be surprised how short you are of 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day.) Besides the amount of protein you intake, an even more important question is -- what is the quality of the protein you intake?

It is very important to understand how the body absorbs protein. The better the body absorbs a protein the higher its Biological Value (BV). The BV value of whey protein is 100%! That means every bit of the whey protein you consume is absorbed and utilized by the body. Natural food sources of protein don't even come close to this 100% BV value. Popular protein sources like soy and casein only have a BV value of 74% and 77% and the protein in milk only has a BV value of 91%. This means the body cannot absorb and utilize these protein sources as well as it can whey protein.

As if this wasn't enough incentive to start using whey protein, let's next focus on amino acids. Whey protein contains a full profile of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which are an integral part of muscle metabolism and are the first amino acids sacrificed during protein breakdown. Again, no natural food source comes close to having the BCAA profile of whey protein.

Plus the benefits of whey protein keep coming. Whey protein stabilizes blood sugar levels. This is important to keep you feeling good all day and stops your cravings for food that occur when your blood sugar levels drop. Diets that are too high in carbohydrates cause your blood sugar levels to go through peaks and valleys. You go from feeling a burst of energy and feeling full to those afternoon lulls and feeling hungry. By supplementing with whey protein you can avoid these blood sugar blues.

Whey protein also improves your immune system. Whey protein contains special amino acids that can help promote and increase the body's production of glutathione, a natural anti-oxidant that is essential to a healthy immune system. So whether you are trying to build muscle and strength or you are just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whey protein is for you.

How should you use whey protein? Whey protein can be added to your diet in any of the following situations:

1) To balance any meal -- for instance, many of us eat cereal for breakfast. Most cereals are primarily carbohydrates. By adding a whey protein shake, you have suddenly made your breakfast more balanced and complete. (Hint: Try adding whey protein to your favorite hot cereal.)

2) Right after workouts -- your body goes into a recovery mode in which protein and the associated amino acids are vital.

3) In between meals -- whey protein stabilizes blood sugar levels which reduces cravings, boosts metabolism and maintains energy levels.

4) Before you go to sleep -- taking whey protein before bedtime helps prevent the protein breakdown that naturally occurs when we sleep. If muscle gain and/or recovery are your goal, then this is a crucial time to be sure your body has the protein it needs.

Now that I have you chomping at the bit to get your hands on some whey protein, let me make my pitch for why you should choose my whey protein supplement over any other.

100% Whey Protein, by, is very high quality. I cannot emphasize this enough. The quality of the whey protein supplements on the market today varies tremendously and 100% Whey Protein, by, is simply the best you can get!

Personally, I have been using whey protein for over 10 years. I have probably tried over 100 different brands of whey protein. I have used everything from the high end, very expensive, so called designer proteins to the lowest end possible -- the basic raw material of whey. I used to go right to the local dairy and buy whey protein extract in big 50lb bags. It was inexpensive, but it was terrible! It tasted awful, it wouldn't mix with water at all (it clumped up like crazy) and it gave me a terrible upset stomach and gas. The gas problem got so bad my wife almost kicked me out of the house.

Believe me, you want to stay away from low-end proteins. Basically they are just crap! But, you also don't want to go broke buying some high end product that really isn't that much better and is just highly priced due to intense marketing.

100% Whey Protein, by, tastes great, mixes easily (you don't need a blender to mix it and it doesn't clump up at all) and again it is very high quality. Plus it is reasonably priced.

100% Whey Protein, by, is the finest protein being manufactured. Other supplement companies can put outrageous claims on their products, but 100% Whey Protein, by, has quality, digestibility and absorption second to none. Try 100% Whey Protein, by, and you will feel the difference!

I took the high road when I brought this product to market. I could have chosen to sell a lower quality protein to increase my profit margin, but I will not sell any product I wouldn't take myself.

Bottom line -- 100% Whey Protein, by, is the highest quality protein supplement on the planet! I truly believe this is one of the best supplements I have ever brought to market and I am very proud to have it in my sports supplement line.

The retail price of a 5 pound tub, which contains 72 servings, with each serving packing a whooping 22 grams of the highest quality protein, is $89.99. But right now, we have an amazingly low sale price of only $54.99!

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Train Hard!

Joel Sward
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