Joel's Feats of Grip Strength

Two 45s Pinch
Think you have a strong grip? Take two 45lb plates, set them up next to each other, with the smooth side facing out, then pinch them and lift them up -- with one hand of course.

Joel pinched two 45lb plates on December 13, 2003 in Stillwater, MN at 10:30 AM (CST).

Witnesses included Brian Carlton, Jeff Bissonnette and David Ostlund.

Thomas Inch Dumbbell Farmer's Walk
The Thomas Inch Dumbbell is 175lbs, has a 2.5" diameter smooth handle and has two big bells on each end. This is one tough dumbbell to lift and most guys can't even get it off the ground. The problem is the handle is very thick and you really need a strong grip to lift one.

One day, while training with a few friends, Joel decided to pick one up in each hand and go for a walk. He farmer's walked (from a full deadlift) with a Thomas Inch Dumbbell in each hand for 48.8 feet.

Witnesses included Matt Makousky, Brian Carlton, Alex DiMarco, Mark Lundquist, Chris Munger, Jeff Bissonnette and David Ostlund. To see the video CLICK HERE.

Millennium Dumbbell Attempt
The Millennium Dumbbell is the king of all dumbbells. It weighs 238lbs and has a 2 3/8" diameter handle. It is one tough mother to get off the ground and only a few men have ever lifted one off the ground with one hand. Joel is one of them.

Before competing in the Snowman Strongman Challenge in Urbana, IL in 2004 Joel got some air under the Millennium Dumbbell.

Witnesses included David Ostlund, Sam McMahon, Joe Roark, Kirk Nowack & Kevin Nowack. To see the video CLICK HERE.