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Works Well With T-Shirt House Of Muscle® Design T-Shirt

NEW "Old-School" House Of Muscle T-Shirt Design The House Where Muscle Is Built opened in 2003 and I started offering a FREE House Of Muscle T-Shirt to customers in 2005. I say now, as I said then, I can not guarantee a House Of Muscle T-Shirt will help you lift more weight when you work-out, but you'll sure look good doing it!

Back in 2005, the first House Of Muscle T-Shirt I offered was gray. It had the first logo (which we used from 2003 to 2015) on the front and on the back it proudly displayed our slogan, The House Where Muscle Is Built.

I have decided to go back to the old-school gray color from 2005. The back will still show you are in The House Where Muscle Is Built, but on the front is our current logo.

Then, as now, (from 2003 to 2024) our House Of Muscle T-Shirts (as with all House Of Muscle gear) is always of the highest quality. Our new T-Shirt is Gildan Soft Style. I love these new shirts. They have a soft worn-in feel. I have been wearing the new shirt and it has already turned into my favorite go to shirt when it is time to train, or just to be comfortable and looking good doing it, if I don't say so myself.)


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