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Epi-Triol - Advanced Muscle-Building Supplement


Advanced Muscle-Building Supplement
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Epi-Triol™ Advanced Muscle-Building Supplement
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• Promotes anabolic activity
• Similar to Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate)
• Builds muscle mass & improve strength
• Increases protein synthesis
• Decreases soreness & improves recovery
• Protects lean muscle mass while cutting
• Boosts libido & sex drive

Fast Muscle Growth
Epi-Triol promotes anabolic activity, similar to Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate), which will definitely help you build muscle mass and increase strength. Most users experience solid gains within the first 2 weeks of use.

Epi-Triol shares many similarities with testosterone regarding direct enhancement properties. But, Epi-Triol only aromatizes at approximately 50% of the rate of testosterone. This is a good thing -- you want the anabolic properties of testosterone without the aromitization effects. Reduced aromatization results in less estrogenic activity which allows users to quickly see gains in muscle, strength and size with less side effects than testosterone (such as water retention, acne, gynecomastia, male pattern baldness and testicular atrophy).

Increase Protein Synthesis
Epi-Triol increases protein synthesis. This means, when you take Epi-Triol, you can consume and utilize more protein than you ever could otherwise. This is probably the most important aspect of any anabolic compound like Epi-Triol. Improving protein synthesis is the key to building lean muscle and accelerating muscle repair.

While taking Epi-Triol we encourage you to up your protein intake big time! Try to consume at least 1.5 grams, and up to 2.0 grams, of high quality protein, per pound of body-weight, per day, spread out across the day as much as possible. For example, if you weigh 200lbs, we recommend taking between 300 and 400 grams of high quality protein, per day, spread out in, ideally, 6 meals per day. For most users this would be impossible without using a high quality protein supplement -- like House Of Muscle 100% Whey Protein.

There is no way you can utilize this amount of protein without taking an anabolic compound, like Epi-Triol. When you take Epi-Triol combined with a high protein diet, the resulting increase in muscle mass and strength is dramatic.

Recover Faster
When taking Epi-Triol you will notice enhanced endurance, reduced fatigue, decreased soreness and improved recovery. All of these factors will translate into increasing your ability to get in the gym and train with more intensity and more often. We all know, to reach your goals, you must train, rest and repeat -- over and over again. If you can decrease the amount of time you need to rest and you can train harder and more often, this is definitely going to translate into reaching your goals of building muscle mass and increasing strength.

Even More Benefits
Although Epi-Triol, in most cases, is used to increase muscle mass and increase strength, it can also be used as part of a cutting cycle to burn body fat. Epi-Triol is an excellent protectant of lean muscle mass. In order to lose body fat, you must burn more calories than you consume -- you must be in a caloric deficit. Unfortunately, a calorie deficit puts your lean muscle tissue at risk as the body will often take what it needs in order to meet its energy demands from our lean tissue. Proper dieting can greatly protect our lean muscle mass, but it can only go so far. Without the introduction of an anabolic agent, like Epi-Triol, some muscle mass will eventually and inevitably be lost. Epi-Triol will greatly protect you from this loss of lean tissue.

Epi-Triol also boosts libido and sex drive. While taking Epi-Triol you will experience an increase in desire for sex and an increase in sexual performance.

How To Use Epi-Triol
Each bottle of Epi-Triol contains 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is to take one capsule, twice daily. If you follow this dosage pattern, one bottle will last you 30 days.

We do recommend you take Epi-Triol for an 8-week cycle and then take 4 weeks off before starting up again. Following our recommended dosage pattern, you will need two bottles for one 8-week cycle.

It is recommended that you take our liver protection supplement, LivSafe, while taking Epi-Triol. We recommend you take at least 2 capsules of LivSafe each day, while taking 5a-Hydro-Epi.

We also recommend you take our anti-estrogen/aromatase inhibitor supplement, EstroEx, towards the end of and continuing after each cycle of Epi-Triol. For example, if you take an 8-week cycle of Epi-Triol, we recommend you take at least 2 capsules of EstroEx, per day, for the last two weeks of the cycle and for 2 weeks after the cycle.

A great way to take Epi-Triol is in our 10-Week Advanced Muscle-Building Stack, which includes Epi-Triol along with LivSafe, EstroEx and another great advanced muscle-building supplement -- 5a-Hydro-Epi.

Our 10-Week Advanced Muscle-Building Stack will take your muscle-building efforts to the next level.

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supplement facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Bottle: 60

Active Ingredients:
epicatechin 100mg, naringin 25mg.

Inactive ingredients: gelatin (capsule), rice flour, silica, magnesium stearate, fd&c yellow #10.

Lot # A701Best If Used By Date: 01/01/2019 UPC Bar Code # 094922001351
suggested use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (1 capsule) twice daily. Use in a cycle of 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks off before repeating.

It is recommended that you take our liver protection supplement, LivSafe, while taking Epi-Triol.

We also recommend you take our anti-estrogen/aromatase inhibitor supplement, EstroEx, towards the end of and continuing after each cycle of Epi-Triol.

If you really want to take your muscle-building efforts to the next level, consider trying our 10-Week Advanced Muscle-Building Stack, which includes Epi-Triol along with LivSafe and EstroEx and also includes another great advanced muscle-building supplement -- 5a-Hydro-Epi