House Of Muscle Comes Back Swinging with 5a-Hydro-Epi

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, back in early June I was forced to make the decision to discontinue five of our advanced muscle-building supplements. This was a very difficult decision, as I felt I was letting my loyal customers down. But, I felt it was a decision I had to make at the time.

I was taking a lot of "heat" about selling these types of supplements and I felt like I needed to make the tough decision I made in order to stay in business and continue to "fight the good fight" for my loyal customers.

My goal has always been to provide the latest cutting-edge muscle-building supplements that actually provide meaningful results.
I also strive to make these supplements of the highest quality and offer them at a fair price.

So, even though I was "knocked down" for a while, don't "count me out" yet. I have decided to get back up off the canvas and "come back swinging".

The plan is to release a handful of new advanced muscle-building supplements to replace the products I was forced to discontinue. Since early June I have been working hard to formulate new products that will be just as effective as the products I discontinued, but are also currently legal to sell as dietary supplements.

This has not been an easy endeavor. As many of you have noticed I am not the only seller of these types of supplements who was forced to discontinue products. Other sellers were quick to come out with replacements that, in my opinion, are not as effective as the products they were replacing.

I believe the advanced muscle-building supplement I am releasing now and the handful of other products that are soon to follow are just as effective at building lean, hard muscle and strength as the products I was forced to discontinue. Plus, these supplements will be currently legal to sell as dietary supplements.

The first of these exciting new products, that I am proud to introduce, is called 5a-Hydro-Epi. The exciting features of 5a-Hydro-Epi are:

• Powerful anabolic effects
• Increase protein synthesis
• Balance cortisol levels
• Spark lean muscle mass growth
• Enhance metabolic rate
• Decrease erectile dysfunction
• Boost sex drive

Believe me when I say 5a-Hydro-Epi is a powerful advanced muscle-building supplement that you definitely want to add to your supplement arsenal.

Each bottle of 5a-Hydro-Epi contains 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is to take one capsule, twice daily. If you follow this dosage pattern, one bottle will last you 30 days. We do recommend you take 5a-Hydro-Epi for an 8-week cycle and then take 4 weeks off before starting up again. Following our recommended dosage pattern, you will need two bottles for one 8-week cycle.

The retail price for one bottle of 5a-Hydro-Epi is $89.99. But if you act now, you won't pay that price. We are offering one bottle of 5a-Hydro-Epi at a special low introductory price of only $54.99. This will save you $35.00 off the retail price.

You can also save even more money by taking advantage of our special buy two bottles or more price. If you buy at least two bottles, you will only pay $49.99 per bottle ($99.98 total) and save $10.00 off our already low special introductory price and $80.00 off the retail price if you bought two bottles individually.

I really appreciate you, my loyal customers. I have always tried to do the absolute best I can for you. Thank you for sticking with House Of Muscle, and remember, I will always do everything I can to offer you the latest cutting-edge, muscle-building products you desire.

The time to act is now. The lean, hard, muscular and strong body you desire awaits you.
Order 5a-Hydro-Epi today!

Train Hard!

Joel Sward Founder of