Beta-Alanine Revisited

Beta-Alanine has been a supplement in the House Of Muscle sports nutrition supplement line since April of 2008. Those House Of Muscle customers who have used Beta-Alanine during the past four years know what I am talking about when I say this is one outstanding supplement. Many of you, like me, have made Beta-Alanine a staple in your sports nutrition supplement arsenal and have benefited tremendously from the performance enhancing benefits that this outstanding sports nutrition supplement provides.

Beta-Alanine boosts strength and enhances endurance. It helps to buffer acid buildup in muscles, allowing them to contract with more power and last longer before running out of fuel. Here are some highlights of Beta-Alanine:

• Increase muscle mass
• Improve endurance
• Boost strength
• Delay muscular fatigue
• Increase exercise capacity
• Improve workout performance

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid found in protein rich foods such as chicken, beef, pork and fish. That does not mean, however, that if you eat protein rich foods like chicken, beef, pork and fish, that you will not benefit from supplementing with Beta-Alanine. This is because our body has the ability to store and utilize more Beta-Alanine than we could ever consume in a normal diet, even if that diet is high in protein rich foods.

How Does Beta-Alanine Work?

When we train, whether it is aerobic or anaerobic training, our bodies get tired and produce lactic acid. The burn you feel in your muscles, whether it is after a tough set with the weights or a hard run, is lactic acid. This is due to the large amount of hydrogen ions produced as a byproduct of muscular exertion. These ions cause the pH levels (acidity levels) in our muscles to decrease.

The main function that Beta-Alanine accomplishes is the production of carnosine. Carnosine is found in our muscle fibers and is specifically tied to fibers recruited in high intensity strength workouts. Beta-Alanine supplementation boosts the production of the di-peptide carnosine, which is critical to reduction of lactic acid build up in the muscles. This leads to a reduction in fatigue and an increase in performance.

Carnosine, when present in the muscles, soaks up the additional hydrogen ions we make when we exercise. This helps keep the pH levels in our muscles balanced. Carnosine is also a precursor in generating nitric oxide, which has numerous health and wellness benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Beta-Alanine?

We all know that over the course of a workout our muscles fatigue. This is due to the process referred to above. The harder and longer we train, the more lactic acid is produced and the more our muscles fatigue. By taking Beta-Alanine, we can delay this process. Beta-Alanine will keep our pH levels in balance and reduce muscle fatigue, allowing us to train harder and longer. When taking Beta-Alanine, you will be able to train with more intensity than ever before and for a longer duration of time, translating into amazing muscular and fitness gains!

The carnosine produced by Beta-Alanine also generates nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can boost performance greatly, and is tied to numerous benefits in cardiovascular health and function. The nitric oxide produced by our Beta-Alanine's process has also been noted to have anti-inflammatory effects in addition to increased vasodilation. Vasodilation is increased blood flow, also know as the "pump". Users of Beta-Alanine may experience an increase in the "pump" as early as their first use!

Why Do I Need Beta-Alanine?

Just think of all the workouts in the gym when you didn't have that extra push for those last few reps, or the workout on the track when you just could not muster up the gas for those last few sprints. With Beta-Alanine, you will be blasting through plateaus and setting new personal records more and more frequently! You will have the additional muscular energy to grind out those extra reps or go gut out those extra sprints. Beta-Alanine will boost your performance and allow you to sustain longer, more strenuous workouts which, over time, will help you build lean, hard muscle and strength and/or reach your individual fitness or athletic performance goal.

Beta-Alanine is safe for both men and women and it can be taken over a long period of time without any negative side effects.

How Should You Take Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine should be taken over a prolonged period for the best results. Solid scientific research has shown that with Beta-Alanine use, in as little as four weeks, muscle carnosine levels can increase by 42-65%. Twelve to fifteen weeks of use have been shown to increase carnosine levels by as much as 80%. Research has also shown that carnosine levels continue to increase for about 15 weeks, and there is no negative effect on carnosine levels with prolonged use of Beta-Alanine.

House Of Muscle Beta-Alanine comes in a convenient capsule format. Each capsule contains 500mg of pure, pharmaceutical grade Beta-Alanine. We recommend that you take between 2 capsules (1 gram) and 6 capsules (3 grams) of Beta-Alanine approximately 15 minutes before your daily workout. If you don't workout on a given day, we still recommend that you take between 2 and 6 capsules in the morning with breakfast. If you want to experience the benefits of supplementing with this amazing product, try it here: Beta-Alanine.

The Beta-Alanine / Creatine Combination

Most of you know about the proven benefits of creatine with regard to improving muscular growth and increasing strength. Literally hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed the efficacy of creatine supplementation.

You might also know that the best time to take creatine is immediately before your workout. This is because creatine supplies muscles with quick energy that helps you pump out extra reps in the gym or grind out extra sprints on the track. Just like creatine, the best time to take Beta-Alanine is also immediately before workouts.

Besides just the individual benefits that creatine and Beta-Alanine will give, there is an added bonus to taking them together, at the same time, before your workout -- they work synergistically! This means that the proven benefits of each individual supplement are magnified dramatically when combined with each other.

People who stack creatine with Beta-Alanine gain more strength and improve muscular endurance more than those who take creatine or Beta-Alanine alone. Research has proved that combining creatine with Beta-Alanine produces better results than taking these supplements individually. Subjects in a 10-week study who took a combination of creatine and Beta-Alanine experienced greater increases in lean body mass. Stacking creatine with Beta-Alanine will help you gain more strength and improve muscular endurance more than taking creatine or Beta-Alanine alone.

If you want to experience the proven benefits of stacking Beta-Alanine and creatine, the best way to do just that is to take House Of Muscle Beta-Alanine and House Of Muscle Kre-Alkalyn Creatine (the superior form of creatine) in The Beta-Alanine / Kre-Alkalyn Creatine Stack.

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