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Hello Everyone,

Since 2003, has provided the high quality, truly effective and low priced sports nutrition line of House Of Muscle supplements.

It is hard to believe it has been over 13 years that The House Where Muscle Is Built has helped and encouraged our valued customers, like you, to Train Hard!

Our business is built on repeat customers. Most customers who purchase from us are more than satisfied with the customer service we provide and the quality, effectiveness and price of the supplements in the House Of Muscle line.

Not only do our customers come back to The House Where Muscle Is Built over and over again, but they also recommend us to their friends. We rely more on "word of mouth" and repeat business than advertising to grow our business. This makes us different than our competitors.

We are proud to offer a personal touch to both the customer service we provide and the products we sell.

We pride ourselves on the small things, like personally signing the orders we receive (we have personally signed every single order we have ever received since 2003), with a note stating our appreciation for your business and encouragement to Train Hard! I can state with certainty that there is no other major sports supplement provider that makes this kind of effort to personalize the customer service experience they provide.

We may not sell as many supplements as most of our competitors, but that is because we only sell supplements that we actually use ourselves. We refuse to sell supplements that we do not really believe in. We are in this fight, to build the lean, hard, muscular body we desire, right with you. If a supplement is not in our own personal supplement arsenal, we simply will not sell it. There is no other major supplement supplier that can make this claim.

Since most of you are repeat customers, you know we have offered many free promotional items in the past 16 years. To show you our appreciation of your business we have offered t-shirts, hats, blender bottles, gym towels, and much more. Our repeat customers wear and use these free items to show they are part of our tribe, that they are IN THE HOUSE.

To continue to show our appreciation for your business we make an effort to change the free promotional items we provide over time. We have done it again with a new, FREE T-Shirt, which, in my opinion, is one of the best free promotional items we have ever offered.

Our new, FREE T-Shirt proudly displays Property Of House Of Muscle, our signature logo (the flexed arm) and the year we were established (2003) across the front.On the back is our signature slogan, Train Hard, with a modern spin, the hashtag (#trainhard).Some people might say, "It is just a free t-shirt. What's the big deal". They just don't get it. Our new, FREE T-Shirt represents what our business is all about, who you are, and what you are trying to achieve.

All you have to do to receive our new, FREE T-Shirt is place an order for the high quality, truly effective and low priced House Of Muscle supplements at If your order is over $60.00 (before shipping), your order will include our new, FREE T-Shirt. You will be able to select the new, FREE T-Shirt as the promotional item you would like to receive and provide your choice of size (we offer M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL) during our secure online ordering process.

We truly appreciate your business and we sincerely hope offering this new, FREE T-Shirt shows this appreciation.

Let's all continue to fight the good fight as we battle to build the lean, hard, muscular and strong bodies we desire.

Train Hard!

Joel Sward Founder of