15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle - Maximize Results

15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle

Maximize Results & Keep Gains
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15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle Maximize Results & Keep Gains
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• Maximize results
• Limit receptor downgrade
• Keep your gains
• Save money

Here's what's included in this cycle:

• 4 bottles of Testo-Burn -- 240 capsules (each bottle has 60 capsules)

These 4 bottles will give you enough Testo-Burn to complete the 15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle.

Here is how to take the 15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle.

Week # Testo-Burn
1 1 capsule per day
2 1 capsule per day
3 2 capsules per day
4 2 capsules per day
5 3 capsules per day
6 3 capsules per day
7 3 capsules per day
8 4 capsules per day
9 3 capsules per day
10 3 capsules per day
11 3 capsules per day
12 2 capsules per day
13 2 capsules per day
14 1 capsule per day
15 1 capsule per day
After 4 Weeks Off - Back to Week #1
Note: On days you only take one capsule, take it before bedtime. If you take more than one capsule daily, spread the dosages out across the day as much as possible with one dosage always being before bedtime.

Limit Receptor Downgrade
The reason our 15-Week Pyramid Cycle is far superior to taking simply one capsule daily has to do with the concept of receptor downgrade. Many drugs and supplements, including Testo-Burn are susceptible to receptor downgrade. What this means is initially the drug or supplement you are taking works great. You feel the absolute maximum impact of the compound because your body has never been introduced to it before. But, over time, your body gets used to the compound and you have to take more and more of it to get the same results you did initially.

Eventually, it doesn't matter how much of the compound you take - it simply won't work anymore. This is where our 15-Week Pyramid Cycle comes in. With this cycle, you gradually increase the dosage over time, and slowly reach the maximum amount you can take while still getting benefits. Then, you gradually decrease the dosage, bringing your body back to a normal state of homeostasis. By doing this, you are maximizing results and setting yourself up to take the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle again, after a 4-week break or off period. Then you can get the same maximum results all over again.

Keep Your Hard Earned Gains
Another benefit of the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle is it helps you avoid a crash effect when you go off the supplement. Many of you have probably experienced this. You start taking a new supplement and you experience great gains. But then, over time, you notice a decrease in its effectiveness and then when you quit taking the supplement you seem to lose everything you worked so hard to gain. By using our 15-Week Pyramid Cycle and gradually increasing and then decreasing the dosage over time you will keep more of your hard earned gains when the cycle is over.

Save Money
The retail price for one bottle of Testo-Burn is $39.99. Our already low sale price for one bottle is $29.99. If you bought 4 bottles individually (the amount of bottles in the 15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle) you would pay $159.96 retail or $119.96 at our already low sale price. But, by purchasing our 15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle, you only pay $100.76 total and only $25.19 per bottle. This saves you $59.20 off the retail price and $19.20 off our already low sale price.

Bottom Line - Use The 15-Week Testo-Burn Pyramid Cycle
Well, there you have it. Testo-Burn is certainly an amazing and exciting compound. If used in the 15-Week Pyramid Cycle, provided by The House Where Muscle Is Built, it will definitely help you build the strong, lean, muscular body you desire. Plus, you will save money while doing it.


supplement facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Bottle: 60
Servings Per 15-Week Pyramid Cycle (4 bottles): 240

Active Ingredients: l-carnitine (as carnitine fumarate) 500mg., forskolin 20mg.

Inactive Ingredient: magnesium stearate.

Lot # 2040100Best If Used By Date: 05/31/2018 UPC Bar Code # 040232365561
suggested use

As a dietary supplement take the supplement in a 15-Week Pyramid Cycle. Take 1 capsule per day for 2 weeks, 2 capsules per day for the next 2 weeks, 3 capsules per day for the next 3 weeks, 4 capsules per day for the next 1 week, 3 capsules per day for the next 3 weeks, 2 capsules per day for the next 2 weeks and 1 capsule per day for the last 2 weeks. Then do not take the supplement for 4 weeks before beginning the same 15-Week Pyramid Cycle.