"Best Recovery Supplement Of The Year"

One of our main competitors, as a retail source of sports nutrition supplements on the internet, comes out every year with what they call "The Supplement Awards Of The Year".

They have different categories, like "Best Protein Supplement Of The Year", "Best Pre-Workout Supplement Of The Year", "Best Fat-Loss Supplement Of The Year" and "Best Recovery Supplement Of The Year". They just happen to sell all of the "winning" supplements for each category, so this is obvious just a marketing ploy to sell their products.

Instead of just getting a good laugh out of these sham awards I decided to use it as an opportunity to compare some House Of Muscle sports nutrition supplements head-to-head against the so-called "winners" in some of their supplement "award" categories.

In three upcoming articles I will compare House Of Muscle 100% Whey Protein with our competitor's "Best Protein Supplement Of The Year", House Of Muscle SHOCK with their "Best Pre-Workout Supplement Of The Year" and House Of Muscle BodyRock with their "Best Fat-Loss Supplement Of The Year".

In this article I will compare and reveal the contrast between their so-called "Best Recovery Supplement Of The Year" and our recovery supplement -- Recovery Orange.

Both products contain the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine in a clinically proven and vitally important ratio. So kudos to them, for, like us, getting this correct. BCAAs increase protein synthesis and decrease protein catabolism, which enhances recovery, aids muscle growth and repairs and increases stamina and performance.

As you can see, both products, so far, are exactly the same. But let's continue to examine both supplements more closely. In addition to BCAAs both products contain additional ingredients. The competitor's product contains 1g of CLA and 250mg of agmatine. In contrast, Recovery Orange contains glutamine.

Let's take a closer look at the competitor's additional ingredients. CLA is actually a very good supplement. There is scientific evidence that CLA can decrease body-fat. (Why you want to put a supplement that decreases body-fat in a recovery supplement is open for debate.) My key point is that the scientific research done on CLA shows you need to take 7g of CLA a day to produce meaningful results. The competitor's supplement recommends taking 1 serving per day, which contains only 1g of CLA.

This, in my opinion, is an unscrupulous practice in the supplement industry. The competitor's product is trying to capitalize off of the media attention a study like this can generate. Then, they add the ingredient to their product, thus getting the consumer to purchase the product. But, they intentionally add a small and ineffective dosage of the ingredient to their product to save money on their cost of manufacturing the product. This practice is deceptive and obviously reveals they are more interested in their profit margin than they are in bringing products to market that are actually effective and produce meaningful results.

The next active ingredient in the competitor's product is agmatine. In regards to this ingredient I am going to keep things short and sweet. This supplement is bogus. There are many supplement companies selling this supplement and making claims that it increases athletic performance. But, in my opinion, these claims are false. I have made my living by selling sports nutrition supplements for over 20 years. I make it my business to diligently research potential ingredients for the sports nutrition supplements I sell. Agmatine is not a supplement I want to include in any House Of Muscle products. There is no scientific research that backs up the claims these supplement companies are making about agmatine. I even went as far as trying the supplement myself and the results were nada -- zilch.

So let's go back to our product -- Recovery Orange. Instead of an ineffective dosage of CLA and a bogus ingredient called agmatine, Recovery Orange contains 2.75g of glutamine.

Glutamine is an amino acid that aids muscle growth by increasing levels of leucine in muscle fibers, inhibiting muscle breakdown and encouraging muscles to store more glycogen. Glutamine helps you build, repair, and protect lean muscle tissue. Glutamine (like BCAAs) further potentiates protein synthesis, which allows you to consume and utilize more protein towards your muscle building and strength goals. Importantly, the dosage of 2.75g is sufficient enough to produce meaningful and impactful results.

Believe me, I would much rather take 2.75g of glutamine than an ineffective dosage of CLA and bogus agmatine.

Now let's talk about a huge contrast between Recovery Orange and our competitor's "Best Recovery Supplement Of The Year" -- PRICE.

Recovery Orange has 27 servings per container. At HouseOfMuscle.com you can purchase one container of Recovery Orange for $14.99. This means you pay $0.55 per serving.

The competitor's product has 30 servings per container. At the competitor's website you can purchase the competitor's product for $27.49. This means you pay $0.92 per serving.

This is a huge difference. Going with Recovery Orange instead of their "Best Recovery Supplement of The Year" saves you $12.50 per container and $0.37 per serving.

Plus, in addition to saving big money, Recovery Orange is simply a better product when compared head-to-head with our competitor's supplement.

Well there you have it. I hope this comparison has been educational and that it has motivated you to purchase and use Recovery Orange. It really is a great product. The time to act is now. Train hard, eat right and take House Of Muscle supplements and you can reach your goals.

Train Hard!

Joel Sward
Founder/Owner Of HouseOfMuscle.com